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For those who don’t have a bath, and would like to experience our Botanical range for themselves, we have come up with the “Shower Bag”.  Made from natural Cloth Muslin, with a double drawstring.  These bags are light-weight and are manufactured here in Australia.

Not just for the shower……. they can also be used in the bath if you prefer not to have to scoop out the flora, before pulling the plug. Same great smell, just less to clean up!


To Use:      Fill with your favourite soak and pull drawstring closed. Whilst in the shower, allow the bag to soak up with water, and then you have a few of options;

~ Place on the shower floor and allow the aromas to fill the shower whilst the salt dissolves in the bag

~ Cupping in your hands (whilst holding the bag) allow the bag to soak up with water, then using “sponging” motions, release over body and allow the Salt &Essential Oils to work their magic. Repeat until all the salts have dissolved

~ You can combine both the above

                    Once you’re finished, tip the remaining flora into the bin & hang bag to dry ready for next time.

Size:           approx is 13cm x 8.5cm

Material:   130gsm 100% natural Cotton.



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