Detox Clay


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Our Detox Clay is a versatile product with so many benefits, each designed to help relax and unwind the mind, body and soul – Pure and Simple.

Our Clay can be used as a face mask, full body mask, or as a soak for a more gentle detox experience.

We handcraft our Detox Clay in small batches, using Organic Bentonite Clay along with a mix of dried Organic Calendula & Chamomile flowers.


Some of the benefits from the ingredients may include;

  • Bentonite Clay  ~  attracts and binds ‘free radicals’ and other toxins.
  • Calendula  ~  Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Capabilities, Calms Muscle Spasms, Heals Ulcers, Wounds & Hemorrhoids, Aids Menstruation, Contains Antimicrobial & Antiviral Components
  • Chamomile  ~  Fighting anxiety and depression, Natural allergy fighter or hay fever, Anti-inflammatory, Muscle spasms treatment, PMS natural remedy and other menstrual disorders, Insomnia cure, Skin disorders, Ulcers, Wounds, Gastrointestinal disorders, Natural arthritis cure and rheumatic pain reliever

For easier blending sprinkle Bentonite Clay into the water gradually, mixing as you go. It will hydrate more evenly. Best to not add the water to the clay.

As with any detox protocol, it is essential to drink lots of water to help your body flush released toxins. You may otherwise place a burden on organs such as the kidneys. It is tempting to attempt to detox rapidly, but that may have an adverse effect. Your body will tell you when you are going too quick with signs of fatigue, nausea, joints aches. If you do experience these in a mild form, these are normal symptoms of detox, but if it is more than mild you may need to stop detox until symptoms subside, and then start again at a slower pace. It is a different experience per individual, and so one needs to heed the feedback the body is providing.

Size: 300gm

Safety: As with all new products,a patch test should be performed prior to initial use.